DDL Prime Technology

DDL Prime is the latest dual fuel technology from Diesel Dynamics. Designed for use on all EURO IV, V and VI HGVs, it seamlessly blends Diesel and LPG/CNG to deliver excellent fuel savings, lower emissions, a better driving experience and unparalleled engine protection.

DDL’s latest system has an integrated CAN interface and GPS capability, allowing the system to be monitored and adjusted remotely. Our system communicates with and continually monitors the OEM ECU via the CAN-bus connection, allowing computer controlled dosing of gas in line with the real-time information being processed from the vehicle’s own systems, resulting in a seamless integration of gas.

DDL Prime continuously monitors the operational parameters of the vehicle in order to calculate the optimal diesel/gas mix whilst protecting the engine;

•  Engine torque
•  Speed
•  Diesel injection rates
•  Turbo pressure
•  Engine temperature
•  Exhaust temperature







Dual Fuel Combustion Efficiency

DDL Prime doesn’t modify or restrict the operation of the vehicle’s ECU in any way. Instead, it works together with the existing ECU, allowing the OEM equipment to make adjustments to the diesel injectors as it responds to the improved combustion generated by our system. When the engine detects enhanced torque delivered by DDL Prime, the vehicle’s ECU will respond by reducing the amount of diesel injected. The OEM ECU has overall control, meaning it will never operate outside operational parameters.


Installation, Maintenance & Servicing

All installations are done by DDL accredited gas technicians, who are fully trained gas fitters and auto electricians. Each of our fitters is trained to use our remote interface technology, meaning most adjustments can be done remotely, so the vehicle is in operation as much as possible.

We only supply servicing and maintenance to DDL customers, ensuring your vehicle will be maintained and serviced by experts. Fitting and subsequent support is conducted on site and to suit each client’s operational requirements.


Dual Fuel Vs. Fuel Enhancement Systems

Some conversion companies advocate using gas as a fuel enhancement, rather than a fuel replacement. While these systems claim to offer fuel savings and marginal emissions reductions, they do not match the emissions reductions that Dual Fuel conversions deliver. Furthermore, these systems do not take advantage of the ‘Duty Cap’ put on LPG until 2024, ensuring minimal price rises. The forecast for diesel prices is significantly higher. Essentially, the more diesel you can replace with LPG, the greater your fuel cost savings until 2024.


Our Mission

DDL strive to deliver fuel saving technology to the haulage industry, allowing our customers to realise financial benefits through fuel cost savings and build their reputation as an environmentally considerate organisation. By adopting DDL technology, hauliers are supporting DDL in reducing air pollution in the UK, giving us all a greener world to live in while enhancing their bottom line.

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